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The largest and most popular city in Vietnam.

Internships in Vietnam

We currently only offer internships in Hanio, our internship offer in Vietnam will be expanded in the coming months.

Hanoi, capital of Vietnam and thus the most popular city in Vietnam.

Do your internship in Vietnam

Do an internship in Vietnam? Have an unforgettable experience and push your boundaries. An internship in Vietnam is not comparable to an internship in your country or residence and therefore a unique experience. You will experience what it is like to live on the other side of the world and do an internship with a Vietnamese company.

Experience how a Vietnamese company operates and the different (business) culture that prevails here. An experience never to forget! Therefore, experience the best time of your studies with an internship in Vietnam.

Why an internship in Vietnam?

Why do an internship in Vietnam? Choose an internship abroad in Vietnam if you want to experience an internship in Vietnam where different social norms apply and where life looks completely different than in your home country.

During your internship in Vietnam you will make many new friends and build a business network for the future. In addition, an internship abroad is of course strong on your CV, because you have international "work" experience. Besides your internship in Vietnam, you will have enough free time to explore Vietnam and make beautiful trips!

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Our internships in Vietnam

An internship in Vietnam feels like a big vacation for most students. You are in a completely different environment with so much to see and explore that no day is ever the same and you certainly won't be bored. Do an internship at a cool company and spend your free time exploring Vietnam or relaxing on one of the many bounty islands. Doesn't sound wrong, does it?

Do you already see yourself doing an internship in Vietnam and would you like to have more information about the possibilities? Then sign up without any obligations. After we have received your application we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

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Doing an internship in Vietnam is very popular among young people. Many students choose to spend a part of their studies abroad. Because say it yourself? An internship in Vietnam sounds a lot more attractive than an internship in your home country, doesn't it?

Every year we help many students to do an internship abroad. Vietnam is a popular country where you will meet many international students, in addition to the many travelers who visit Vietnam for its beauty. Step out of your comfort zone, boost your CV and choose for an internship in Vietnam just like many other students!