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The capital and largest city of Thailand.

Internships in Thailand

At the moment we only offer internships in Bangkok, in the near future we will expand our offer of internships in Thailand.

Bangkok, capital of Thailand and the largest city in Thailand.

Do you internship in Thailand

Do an internship in beautiful Thailand, the country known for its hospitality, beautiful temples and natural areas? Do an internship in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok and experience what it is like to live in this magical city.

During your internship in Thailand you will gain many new experiences and discover beautiful places. From taking care of elephants in Chiang Mai, to discovering the underwater world at the coast or on one of the many islands.

Why an internship in Thailand

An internship in Thailand is an unforgettable experience and boost for your future career. For example, with an internship in Thailand you will gain many new experiences, make new friends and build a business network.

Distinguish yourself from the rest by spending part of your studies abroad. For example, did you know that students who have done an internship abroad usually find it easier to get a job? Invest in yourself and have the best time of your studies with an internship in Thailand!

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One of the most special countries in the world, so diverse and with very friendly people. This is how many students describe Thailand after their internship. You would almost forget that you are on an internship in Thailand, it feels like a vacation. A totally different environment, during the day you work at your internship company and in the evening you enjoy the vibrant nightlife and the lovely outdoor temperature. And what do you do in the weekend? Exploring the city or beautiful nature? Diving/snorkeling on one of the tropical islands or discovering the jungle in Chiang Mai? In short: you will certainly not be bored during your internship in Thailand.

During your internship in Thailand you will meet many new people. You will expand your (business) network and make friends with locals or other international students. Your internship in Thailand will be a great learning experience for the future and a valuable addition to your CV.

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A once-in-a-lifetime experience, that's how many students describe their internship in Thailand. When you get to the point where you can choose between an internship in your country of residence or abroad, what will you choose? You can do an internship in your neighborhood, little travel time, familiar environment, or do you step out of your comfort zone and choose an internship in Thailand? Many students choose this option!

For several years we have been working closely with many colleges and universities worldwide to help students find an internship abroad. Do you, like many other students, choose for an internship in Thailand and embark on an adventure? Please contact us or register yourself, and we will discuss the possibilities together.