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Do your internship in Japan, the land of technology, sushi and the samurai.

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Internships in Japan

We offer internships in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Fukuoka, we are happy to introduce them to you.

Tokyo, Tokyo is one of the most popular cities in the world and has everything that will make your internship in Japan a success.

Osaka, second largest city in Japan and is considered as "the place to be" in Japan.

Kyoto, the most cultural city in Japan. A city known for its mysterious geishas.

Fukuoka, gateway to the west and known for Sumo wrestling.

Do your internship in Japan

An internship in Japan is a dream come true for many students. Japan is one of the most impressive and safest countries in the world. A country known for Sushi, the samurai, friendly people and a rich history. Besides the fact that our internship locations Tokyo, Osaka, kyoto and Fukuoka have a lot to offer, you will have plenty of time to discover Japan in addition to your internship in Japan.

You will be amazed by the enchanting and tranquil temples. But also by the huge amount of LED signs that transform the city into a true light feast at night. Not to mention the delicious food that Japan has to offer.

Why an internship in Japan?

An internship in Japan is a unique experience that will bring many learning opportunities and new knowledge. During an internship in Japan you will meet many new people, build a business network and of course experience what it is like to work for a Japanese company with a completely different business culture.

We have our own office in Japan, where you are always welcome and where one of our Dutch colleagues works. From the office on location we also organize many activities, group tours and we offer the possibility to follow Japanese classes.

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Internship in Japan, experience the best time of your study

Doing an internship in Japan does not feel like an internship for most students, but more like a long vacation. It is a unique opportunity to stay in Japan during your internship and discover this magical country. Experience the beautiful Japanese culture, the peace that prevails there and work together with your Japanese colleagues in an international company. Of course, your internship supervisor will master the English language.

During your internship abroad in Japan you will meet many new people and build an international network, which is of course a strong asset on your CV and may be useful in the future. We always make sure that you do your internship in a company that suits you. A company that fits your needs and preferences. Discover the internship opportunities in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Fukuoka and register without any obligations.

300+ students went before you

An internship in Japan is very popular among students. A large part of all students prefers to do their internship in Japan, rather than in their own country. It is an experience for life to do an internship on the other side of the world. Because honestly? Spending six months in Japan sounds more attractive than staying in your home country,right?

Every year we help many students with an internship abroad in Japan. We are known by many universities and colleges worlwide. Step out of your comfort zone and do an internship in Japan, just like many other Dutch students! An investment for the future, a boost for your CV and experience for life.