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One of the most popular islands in the world.


One of the largest islands in Indonesia.

Internships in Indonesia

Do your internship in one of the following cities in Indonesia

Bali, who doesnt know this tropical island? You will almost forget that you are on internship on this beautiful island.

Java, a versatile island with both beautiful nature reserves and gigantic cities.

Your internship in Indonesia

Dont you want to do your internship in your country of residence, but take on the challenge and push your boundaries? Then choose an internship in Indonesia. You will have an unforgettable time during your internship abroad and gain many new experiences.

What makes an internship in Indonesia special is not only the fact that you are far away from home, but also that you are interning at a company with a totally different culture and different etiquette. You will gain many new experiences during your internship in Indonesia that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Why an internship in Indonesia

Why do an internship in Indonesia instead of your home country? An internship abroad is a unique experience and investment in the future. Besides gaining international experiences, you will also learn what it is like to live abroad. You will make many new friends and build a business network that might come in handy in the future!

Besides great experiences, an internship in Indonesia will also be strong on your CV. This will make you stand out from other students. In short: invest in yourself and have the best time of your studies with an internship in Indonesia!

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Your internship in Indonesia

Doing an internship in Indonesia feels like a long vacation for most students. Besides being in a tropical climate, it is a unique experience to spend a period of your studies abroad. During your internship in Indonesia you will make many new friends and build a business network. An internship abroad is also a strong asset on your CV. Did you know that students who have done an internship abroad usually find a job faster? Many companies value international (work) experience.

Besides your internship in Indonesia you will have enough free time to discover the many islands. Visit the most beautiful natural areas, cities, temples and one of the many islands that Indonesia has. Check out our internships in Java or Bali and sign up for the best time of your study!

300+ students went before you

Doing an internship in Indonesia is very popular among students. Why would you choose for an internship in your home country, when you can also do an internship in Indonesia? It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Every year we help many students with an internship abroad in Indonesia. We are also known by many schools worldwide. Choose like many other students for an internship in Indonesia. Sign up or contact us for more information.