Internship in China

Do your internship in China, the country with the fastest growing economy in the world.

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The most beautiful city in China, in our opinion.


The financial and economic center of China.


The Silicon Valley of China.


Home of the panda.

Internships in China

An internship in China can be done in several cities. We would like to introduce them to you.

Beijing, our favorite. Beijing is a city where both historical and new buildings alternate. A huge city, but still manageable.

Shanghai, also called the financial center of China, where you are surrounded by skyscrapers.

Hangzhou, also called the Silicon Valley of China. A city full of start-ups and tech companies like Alibaba.

Chengdu, a more compact city with 14.5 million inhabitants known for the panda.

Do your internship in China

An internship in China is a unique experience and not comparable to an internship in your home country. China is in our opinion one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Besides having an impressive history and one of the largest economies in the world, China is also far ahead of most other countries in terms of technological developments. You will certainly experience this during your internship in China!

China is a diverse country with many temples and gardens, but also with many new buildings and the highest skyscrapers. Go shopping in gigantic shopping malls of several floors or relax in one of the beautiful parks in every Chinese city.

Why an internship in China?

An internship in China is an unforgettable experience that you will not easily forget. During an internship in China, you will experience a completely different company culture, meet many new people and build a business network. Besides your internship in China you will of course have enough free time to explore the city and maybe other places (if you like to travel).

We have offices in Beijing and Shanghai where you are always more than welcome and from where we organize weekly activities. So you will never be bored during your internship in China! Besides our weekly activities, you can also take Chinese classes if you want to learn the Chinese language.

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Internship in China, Experience the best time of your study

Doing an internship in China does not feel like an internship to most students, but more like a long vacation. Therefore, it is an exceptional opportunity to spend a semester in China and discover this beautiful country. Experience the hospitality of the Chinese people and work together with your Chinese colleagues in an international company. Of course, your internship supervisor will be fluent in English.

During your internship in China you will meet many new people and build an international network for the future, which is also strong on your CV. We always make sure that you do your internship in a company where you feel at home. A company that matches your preferences and wishes. Discover the internship opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu and apply.

300+ students preceded you

An internship abroad in China is very popular among students. We notice that a large part of international students would rather do an internship in China than in their home country. It is a unique experience for life to do an internship in China. Because say it yourself? Spending six months on the other side of the world is a lot more fun than an internship in your own country, right?

Every year we help many students with an internship in China and we are therefore known by many colleges and universities worldwide. Push your boundaries and do an internship in China, just like many other international students! An experience to remember and investment in the future.