Letting you have the best time of your study.

Thats our goal. Get to know us.

Why do we exist?

We think that unfortunately there are still many internship agencies who only think about the money. We at Internship Placement want to share our enthusiasm for internships in Asia, Australia and New Zealand by offering good and challenging internships, with a top service for a fair price. Because we have our own office at almost all our internship locations, you can always come to us for help, (travel) advice, information or of course just for fun! We organize weekly activities and workshops from our offices on location, so you will quickly make new friends and no day will be boring.

Our worldwide team

Meet our international team. You will probably deal with some of our employees. This is because we work largely from abroad, in the countries where we offer internships.

Our story

My name is Leon Strikwerda and I am the founder of Internship Placement. In 2016 I did an internship in China myself. This internship was organized by an agency and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. With the mission that this should not happen to other students, Internship Placement was founded.

Meanwhile, we have been active for four years, we have offices at our internship locations worldwide, with several colleagues per office, we help many students every year to successfully complete an internship abroad. We can therefore confidently say that your internship will be perfectly arranged!

Our most popular internship countries

Because our preference lies with Asia and Oceania, we only offer internships here. We have offices in each country where you are always more than welcome. A local contact person during your internship abroad is nice for you and reassuring for your parents, which is why we think this is very important. You are quite some kilometers away from home.

Do you want to do an internship abroad? Check out the internship opportunities in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or any of our other countries. We offer internships for for all students in almost every discipline. Let one of our employees inform you and inspire you why an internship abroad is an unforgettable experience and the best time of your study. We are happy to tell you all about it!